One of the best things about being a movie nut is the fact that there is a lot of searching going on. Seriously, A lot of it is really the hunt. You’re going to be going from city to city, town to town and district to district to try and figure out where the best movies are and where the best movie houses are located.

A lot of this really boils down to the personality of the specific part of town you’re exploring. For example, in San Francisco when you watch a movie in the Marina area, it’s definitely going to be much different from watching a movie near the Civic Center location. Each place attracts its own crown. Each place has its own specific sense of a movie-going culture. You really can’t confuse the two.

Unfortunately, if you are that kind of movie viewer, you probably often find yourself in a part of town that you’re not really all that familiar with. In fact, it’s going to be very hard for you to say that you know those districts like the back of your hand.

This is going to be an issue if you live in a fairly broadly laid-out cosmopolitan area. For example, if you live in Oakland, which is right across the water from San Francisco, there are many parts of Oakland, and it’s very easy to get lost.

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MaybE you’re distracted. Perhaps you’re disoriented. Possibly, you just had too much to drink. Regardless of what state of mind you’re in, you are not keeping your eye on the ball and soon enough, during your search for the latest and greatest movie houses, you lose your phone.

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