The Brick Movie website, the website that you’re checking out, is both a resource and a content site. It’s easy to see our content because there are lots of movies here produced by independent directors from all over the world. If you are producing a movie for your college class or your high school, and you have finished editing it, and it looks somehow some way presentable, please upload it to this website because we have a way of getting a lot of eyeballs to check out your work.

In fact, we don’t like to brag but there are several directors here that got Hollywood deals or Hollywood job offers because of the movies that we have presented. Sure, their movies were very crappy and very amateurish, but a lot of the Hollywood talent scouts were able to read between the static. They were able to read between the lines and recognized raw talent when it appears before them.

We are definitely happy and gratified to be part of that process. We’re not going to be hitting these people up for a commission anytime soon so don’t worry about uploading your films to this website.

With that said, we also feature work by actors. Again, just like with directors, a lot of the actors that we have presented here caught the eye of Hollywood arts and talent scouts.

Unfortunately, unlike directors, we kind of have a spotty record in placing these guys. Some got bit roles; others get jobs as extras. However, that’s pretty much the extent of it.

I think a lot of it has to do with presence. You probably already know that if you are an actor in Hollywood, Hollywood doesn’t really care about acting skills. It has a fairly broad range of what constitutes decent acting and, unfortunately, as the years go by, this range gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It’s as if Hollywood has gone from the age of John Newhouse, John Gielgud, Robert De Niro to basically anything goes.

You might be thinking that this is harsh. After all, Laurence Olivier is an amazing actor, and his work operates as some sort of benchmark. Doesn’t Hollywood believe in Olivier style acting?

Well, not quite because Hollywood has actually evolve to presence. To be a good actor, you just have to have presence, and that’s why this website falls part because a lot of the actors that we attracted to this website somehow some way do not have this presence that Hollywood is looking for.

Again, they’re not looking for top-notch acting talent. They’re looking for presence. So, do yourself a big favor. Use nutrisystem to slim down for your next movie role and increase the likelihood of you having the presence casting agents are looking for.