Due to the popularity of League of Legends, you shouldn’t miss the rare opportunity to buy lol accounts to exhibit your gaming skills by partaking in these MOBA gaming activities with other gamers. These accounts make it possible for gamers to have a second account or simply an account that helps to enhance their skills, so for these reasons, you should consider Smurf accounts.

LoL Smurfs

League of Legends Smurfs are simply backup accounts that can be purchased by a higher ranked LoL player to enable them to participate in different levels.

LoL Smurfs are a fantastic feature added to the game – listed below are few reasons why you should get one of them:

Challenge Yourself

What is better than using one account to propagate your game? The answer is that you should have two of them. Smurf accounts enable users to have more than one account to show off their gaming prowess to their fellow gamers. Note that these accounts are of a higher tier.

Get to Level 30

For an average player, it takes them close to 178 games before they can attain level 30 and participate in the actual game. For unranked Smurfs, also referred to as the LoL 30 unranked account, players can partake directly in the game by skipping the tutorial.

Improve Your Rank

It is extremely difficult to get out of Bronze 5. So, instead of wasting a lot of time and effort trying to get past this stage, a Smurf account can easily catapult you to level 30 promotion matches.

Play with Friends in Different Regions

Although the game allows you to change your area from the Store section of the game, it is quite difficult to switch back and forth as it takes a huge cash from you. With a Smurf account, it is extremely easy to save the cost of changing regions and exploit the benefit of being able to compete in two different regions.

Try Out New Roles

Smurf accounts help LoL players to test the different roles undertaken in the game without being disturbed or worried about the demotions or losing matches on their main account. In addition, they can utilize new strategies and tactics to enable them to choose the role that is properly suited for them.

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PBE Account

Whether you are a newbie to LoL or you want to be the first person that will utilize all the latest features being incorporated into the game, the best choice to opt for is the Public Beta Environment (PBE). A PBE account enables LoL players to participate on a “test-centric” server which comes with all new upcoming experiments, content, and features. Players can try out these new features and the platform in turn, sends feedback to the developers.

Each PBE is automatically loaded up to level 39 and have an IP credited on a daily basis, this ensures that you have all the basic features so as to fully enjoy the game. Perhaps, you are wondering how you can purchase this account, well, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Our League of Legends store has a plethora of PBE accounts at a lower price rate compared to other stores.