Bed bugs are also referred to as the mahogany flat or The Cimex Lectularius. They are capable of living up to 12 months, if and only if there is human blood for feeding. Conferring to information available on the merkem website, the Cimex Lectularius is the only one of their kind that survives by living off humans. They are capable of surviving with other hosts that are warm-blooded. Bed bugs have been studied extensively over the years, they are flat and have a reddish color and they measure about 3/16th inch long. They operate in a very discrete manner, so there is every possibility that while they are feeding you will be unaware.

Various studies have been carried out on bed bugs and it has been confirmed that bed bugs are linked to anemia, insomnia and even emotional and psychological issues. There is every chance that you notice such symptoms on someone that is regularly being bitten by bed bugs. In children, it was uncovered that repetitively being attacked by bed bugs is one of the reasons for low blood count. Emotional and psychological issues arise when the victim is affected by the itching and unsightly welts that result after bites.

They seem to thrive in furniture cracks, bed sheets, picture frames, and bed boards. Bed bugs have been regarded to as a threat to the health of the public owing to the fact that they infest traveling lounges and hotels. It is important you are aware of the fact that these little critters are capable of laying about 600 eggs while alive. There are some practices homeowners can adapt to help in eliminating bed bugs before a big infestation. Hiring the services of a professional bed bug exterminator is the best method of exterminating these small oval shaped bloodsuckers. Read on to find out how to be a bed bug exterminator.

  1. Look out for any small reddish-brown insect on bed sheets and mattress. It is also recommended that you keep an eye on the seams where they are possibly growing.
  2. Keep an eye under the furniture, mattresses or the small gaps about 3 feet from your bed during the daytime, because bed bugs have been studied to come alive in the night time. However, when it’s daytime they hide from eyesight.
  3. It is important that your luggage is not placed on the floor or on the bed. It is not news that they catch rides in luggages. If you ensure that the luggage is far from the bed, there is every chance that you will not have the bed bugs from your travel jumping to your beds. If possible, place your luggage far from your bedroom and also it is best that the luggage is properly inspected after a trip.
  4. During laundry, wash your beddings in the hottest possible temperature because it’s hard for bed bugs to survive high temperatures.
  5. It is important you are very careful when buying 2nd hand properties like furniture. There is every possibility that it may be infested with bedbugs.
  6. Immediately your guest leaves your home, it is advised that you inspect the room and wash the beddings as mentioned earlier.
  7. It is important that a clutter-free and sanitary environment is practiced. This way, there will limited places for bed bugs to find as shelters, thus making it a very easy task to uncover them.

Protect your family from bed bugs with the aforementioned tips. If you want to successfully exterminate bed bugs from your homes, hiring a bed bug exterminator from merkem is the trusted option.