I wish I could tell you that I was getting paid a dollar for every time I wanted to shoot at the screen at a bad movie. I guess I’m just unlucky. I often find myself scratching my head or screaming deep down inside when I feel that I have been ripped off watching one bad movie after another.

I know this is not popular. It definitely know that it will probably rub many people the wrong way, but I’m seriously convinced that the movies Frozen and Deadpool are complete and total wastes of time. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that they are cinematic abortions.

Again, feel free to disagree because it’s a free country. Everybody has an opinion. An opinion, after all, is like a nose. Everybody has one.

The problem here is the commercialization of the movies really depends on what you expect from film. That’s really what it all boils to. This blog is all about film appreciation. It was originally based around The Brick Movie, but it’s kind of evolved over time.

Now, it’s all about film appreciation. It’s all about drawing parallels and similarities between historical and social and cultural trends and things that take place on the silver screen. We’re all about connecting the dots. We’re all about detecting patterns and, believe me, when it comes to social patterns and cultural expressions, Frozen and Deadpool are pretty much stuck at the bottom.

Although a lot of people point to the fact that these were highly popular and hugely successful commercial movies, that is precisely my point. We have completely divorced the concept of value and money. A lot of people think that if you pay a lot of money for something or something generates a lot of money, that, in of itself, means that it’s valuable. Not true. Something may be worth a million dollars, but it still lacks value. Something may be worth zero, practically speaking, but be the most valuable thing in the world.

A child’s smile doesn’t really cost all that much, but it’s the most valuable thing in the world if you are the father of that child. Do you see where I’m coming from?

It’s really sad that we are suffering through a period of really bad movies. Frozen, in particular, is very cynical because there are many ways to read that movie, but one of the best ways to read it is that it is a parody of the historic Disney movies.

If you look at historic Disney movies like Snow White, Cinderella or Pinocchio, what do you see? Well, there’s always a moral. There’s always a lesson. There’s always some sort of standard or truth that is universal that applies to all people at all times, in all places and in all situations. In other words, there is some sort of moral compass or bedrock that undergirded and supported those movies’ unstated assumptions.

Well, Frozen and, to a large extent, Deadpool basically kicked away that last remaining support. Now, everybody is entitled to their own truth. We’re definitely entitled to laugh at our parents’ morality, and that’s precisely the situation we find ourselves with Frozen.

What really gets my goat, being a father of a four-year-old, is I don’t want my kid absorbing any of that. That’s why I find myself at certain parts of that movie wanting to take precision shots at the screen. Of course, being a responsible, mature adult, I would not let my emotions get the better of me.

Still, being a fan of the Huntspot blog and checking out its different products as well as its amazing focus on the bipod, I can see why it helps you fire precision shots and, in many cases, a lot of the movies I watched deserve a precision shot. It really is quite sad and deplorable the kind of cultural situation or cultural space we have found ourselves in.